This is a list of projects made by the GGU members.


The Ansible scripts that configure this server. Uses pyplays, a hacky “add-on” for Ansible that allows using Python scripts in lieu of static YAML files.


Confgit is a Git overhead for version control of your config files. The main difference between confgit and any other config file version system is it’s simplicity. It makes version control and migration of config files safe and easy.


A pomodoro timer that grows procedurally generated trees and flowers while you’re studying.


An app for creating and visualizing graphs and graph-related algorithms.


A Jekyll plugin for blazing-fast server-side cached LaTeX rendering, with support for macros. Enjoy the comfort of LaTeX and Markdown without cluttering your site with bloated JavaScript.


A collection of software for reading and analysing Czech public transport data, including converting JDF and CZPTT files to GTFS, matching stops to OSM nodes and scraping real-time positions.

Currently the only publicly deployed part is a web app displaying statistics on delays

Matfyz Wiki

Community wiki for Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University.


This is mainly a literary project, created mostly as a joke. It is a chronicle of the village of Meziklasí. You can visit it at


A FUSE filesystem for browsing Apple Photos (née iPhoto) libraries as if they were standard folders. Useful for NASes of family photos!


SImple Directory Service Server, an LDAP server made for handling authentication for those who don’t need the enterprise-readiness of other large solutions. Includes a GUI web interface, simple permission handling, and per-service passwords.


Slimulator is a program you can use to simulate slime mold pathfinding and enviroment exploration. The input is an image of the environment and the output is a video of the simulated slime mold behavior.


An Android app, Kotlin library and CLI tool for students of Charles University, specifically MFF UK, which links to systems used at school to provide a convenient view of a student’s schedule and assignments.